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 Panel Meter Salvage and Case Repair

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Panel Meter Salvage and Case Repair Empty
PostSubject: Panel Meter Salvage and Case Repair   Panel Meter Salvage and Case Repair Icon_minitimeApril 26th 2019, 9:10 pm

Panel meters can be quite expensive new, and often used ones are a pig in a poke buy, unless you can test them before buying.

 I am going to mostly referring to the Weston 301 series and equiv. types. These can be round or square faced meters.

Often one finds an old panel meter with a broken/ cracked case or cracked/loose glass. These are typically dirt cheap at ham fairs. 
 (Not to mention the  Embarassed Embarassed when I would drop a good one I grabbed out of my junkbox, and break the case or glass. Tightening up the mounting studs or screws too tight can break them real good as well. Rolling Eyes  I have the ball cap for that event).

Sometimes ones appear that have been waterlogged and are rusty, broken or frozen movements, etc. Typically you can get these disasters for free or little money.

 Pick up a few with the same style cases as the damaged case/ glass meters you have.
 Glass is easy to re-attach or replace. Just care, patience and a bit of glue and it's nice again.
  Note: You will likely have to adjust the manual meter zero.
 If the case is good and the "guts" are trashed, pull the case screws (Keep them if they are brass- hard to find item.), and you can remove the damaged case and put the replacement case on.
 I must have changed out cases on several dozen meters with bad glass or cases that I paid little for over the years.

 (I must 'fess up that about 25 years back I was given about 75-100 lbs of panel meters that had been submerged in flood waters and had turned to rusted junk. These were from an online seller who bought out estates, and they were headed for the dump.
  I was able to salvage dozens of good cases, glass, and screws from them. I just couldn't see them ending up in the landfill when it was so easy to disassemble them, clean the cases & glass up and to repair other meters with the casings & glass.).

 I am sure there are other types this trick would work on, but have not had to do it yet.
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Panel Meter Salvage and Case Repair
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