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 Soldering to sockets with tubes in them

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Soldering to sockets with tubes in them Empty
PostSubject: Soldering to sockets with tubes in them   Soldering to sockets with tubes in them Icon_minitimeMay 3rd 2019, 7:34 pm

One word: DON'T

Why Not?

 I have experienced more than once where the tech had worked on a radio and the tube would not come out of the socket. 

  Yeah- I found this out the hard way when I really pulled hard on one tube and literally pulled the socket apart. Embarassed. '(Hmmm- it's stuck, if I pull a bit hard....snap!).

It seems that some folks use way too much solder and it wicks up into the socket and solders the tube pin to the socket pin.

 I have found this can happen on ANY base tube, but most commonly on Octal and 7 & 9 pin tubes. Mostly on those fragile wafer type sockets too, but any tube socket can have this happen.

This has been found on both radio and TV tubes. I have even seen a few massively overheated H.O. ( Horiz. Output, for those who are new to the hobby)  and rectifier tubes get so hot in its meltdown the solder in the base pin ran out and soldered it to the socket. Especially "fun" when the glass has cracked and broken and jagged edges are still attached to the base. 

So if the tube seems stuck, likely it is. No tube type is exempt from this problem, especially if it was "tech" induced.
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Soldering to sockets with tubes in them
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