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 No reception on table radio in house, ok outside

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No reception on table radio in house, ok outside Empty
PostSubject: No reception on table radio in house, ok outside   No reception on table radio in house, ok outside Icon_minitimeMay 18th 2019, 9:08 pm

This is a good one. I was reminded of this from Cliff's post on aluminum siding.

"No reception on table radio in house on AM, FM, or SW bands, unless it was in front of a window."

 I went on a service call for this problem as I was most familiar with reception problems. (Plus I knew the customer & his wife.).

Sure enough, their description of the problem was 100% accurate.
 Great reception when radio was in front of the window, but anywhere else, dead air.
  Looking outside, I saw the house had wooden siding. "Nope, I thought, not aluminum siding."

 Then the  Suspect thought arose. I asked the couple "Did you happen to use FOIL BACKED INSULATION when you built the house?"
 She replied  "Yes".

AHA!  For all practical purposes they had inadvertently built a Faraday cage around the house.
 I told them this and they were quite disappointed until I said they could use an outside longwire antenna and run it into the house and connect it to a coil of wire which would inductively couple it to the radio.

 So I had our tree & satellite antenna installer come out & put up a 50 ft long wire antenna for them about 50-75' up in the fir trees in an "L" shape, and run it into the house.

 Bingo!! Reception on all bands.
 Happy customers, problem solved.
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No reception on table radio in house, ok outside
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