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 Older Radios getting harder to fine

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PostSubject: Older Radios getting harder to fine    November 17th 2011, 12:37 pm

Hello all. Have not posted for awhile. Trying to get back in the mode. I have been noticing prices of radios are getting higher.

I have bought many on Ebay but seems after adding shipping it gets expensive. I have started to pick up the 60's and some 70's plastic table radios at good prices. Probably not a great long term value and most have printed cicuits and many with clocks but they still are fun to get working again. Here are a couple I picked up at an auction for a few bucks.

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PostSubject: Re: Older Radios getting harder to fine    November 17th 2011, 2:47 pm

Nice looking radios.

I have noticed that while prices seem to be increasing, the shipping costs are close to legalized extortion. Mad

My range of interests have also moved to collecting AM only transistor sets as well as tube type AM and FM sets partly because of this, but also because these sets like you posted are the ones I was using when growing up. So there's a bit more nostalgia in these for me than the older sets. I have built up close to 30 of these so far and have grown quite fond of them. Especially the clock radios. Dunno why though. Laughing

Keep us informed as to how you make out with these too.

Cheers for now, Bob
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PostSubject: Re: Older Radios getting harder to fine    March 1st 2012, 11:36 pm

Typically I have no problems in finding old radios around here.

One secret is to haunt 2nd hand/ antique store where they buy entire estates.

A last year I filled my car to the top - and the top of it too- with radios for $50.00.
I took home 30-50 radios total, inc. some tape recorders & transistor radios.
The catch was I had to take the entire lot- many of which had damaged cabinets and missing knobs; the majority of which was plastic table radios & clock radios.
They set the price & in all honesty, I'd have given several times what they asked for them, had they wanted me to make an offer on the lot. There are a few really collectable ones in them.

The batch was well worth the price, as from a parts aspect, the tubes, speakers, output transformers, etc. provided me with a wealth of parts.

One day I'll go thru them & sort them out as to which need knobs, cabinets, etc and try to advertise for what I need. There were several Zenith radios in the batch, and some sell on EvilBay for well into the hundred dollar range.

Now this stuff was just the "dregs" to the store owners and they were glad to make some money from what they would normally have to toss in the dumpster at some point.

Don't be afraid to ask the store owners for a lot deal on their "junk radios".

BTW this is the same store I got my 1st- and only so far- catalin radio a year earlier for $20.00.
One small crack & a chip on it. Yeah- its the commonest one out there, but its MINE!!! Very Happy and for a killer price too. They had no idea it was catalin, and to be honest, neither did I. I had never seen one close up until them & the brown case- which I took initially for bakelite- did look a bit "off". Something told me "GET IT!" .
I took the chance & got it when the owner said $20.00.
I got it home & looked on the 'net & was pleased to see it was indeed catalin. Shocked Cool I was floating for a bit at the killer deal I had gotten.

BTW this was not a "low end" store either. Most of their prices onthe wood cabinet radios they had in stock as "as is" were high to say the least.

The deals & radios are out there. I am sure the deals are available up North there too. Eh? Smile Wink

This is the 2nd batch of radios I have obtained this way, by offering to buy the entire lot.

The 1st batch included a complete Eveready console radio in it. Repwood cabinet & all complete, between excellent & good cond too; and a complete down to the original set of tubes in it, 1942 Zenith chassis, speaker & knobs- less cabinet. I got that entire lot for less then what the Eveready would have normally sold for. oh, & a 6E5 and 50A1 NIB too!
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PostSubject: Re: Older Radios getting harder to fine    

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Older Radios getting harder to fine
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