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 Older radio magazines...............

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PostSubject: Older radio magazines...............   November 27th 2011, 3:54 pm

Hi gang,

Just an FYI about

It's a great place to download free and public domain material on a lot of topics.

I just downloaded over 80 issues of Ham Radio Magazine as well as 8 issues of Practical Electronics Magazine. I got some great reading ahead of me now.

Do some searches for any radio related topics and you'll be surprised at what might come up for text, audio as well as video files too.

Cheers for now, Bob
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Cliff Jones
Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Older radio magazines...............   November 27th 2011, 9:35 pm

Heres another link at the bottom with topics covered:

National Radio News - January 1929
National Radio News - March 1929
National Radio News - May 1929
National Radio News - July 1929
National Radio News - September 1929
National Radio News - October 1929
National Radio News - November 1929
National Radio News - December 1929
National Radio News - January 1930
National Radio News - January 1930 Alt.
National Radio News - February 1930
National Radio News - March 1930
National Radio News - April 1930
National Radio News - May 1930
National Radio News - June 1930
National Radio News - July 1930 N/A
National Radio News - August 1930
National Radio News - September 1930
National Radio News - October 1930
National Radio News - November 1930
National Radio News - December 1930
National Radio News - January 1931
National Radio News - February 1931
National Radio News - March 1931
National Radio News - April 1931
National Radio News - May 1931
National Radio News - June 1931
National Radio News - July 1931
National Radio News - August 1931
National Radio News - September 1931
National Radio News - October 1931
National Radio News - November 1931
National Radio News - December 1931
Doerle Short Wave Sets
NRI Service Manual Atwater Kent
NRI Service Manual Crosley
NRI Service Manual Crosley Gembox
NRI Service Manual Earl Receivers
NRI Service Manual Eveready
NRI Service Manual Grebe
NRI Service Manual Kolster
NRI Service Manual Majestic
NRI Service Manual Philco
NRI Service Manual Radiola 18
NRI Service Manual Stromberg Carlson
NRI Service Manual Zenith
NRI Service Manual B Power Supplies
NRI Radio Repair Course
1FR3 Introducing You To Radio
2FR5 How Radio Programs Are Sent From The Studio To Your Home
3FR2 Simple Radio Circuits And Meters
4FR3 Getting Acquainted With Receiver Servicing
5FR4 Radio Resistors And How They Are Used
6FR3 Radio Coils And How They Work
7FR3 Radio Condensors And How They Work
8FR4 How Radio And Electronic Tubes Work
9FR3 How Tuned Circuits Function
10FR4 How Tubes Work In Typical Radio Stages
11FR2 How Iron Core Coils And Transformers Operate In Radio Circuits
12FR2 How Operating Voltages Are Obtained From An AC Power Line

This Was Radio Sounds from the Golden Era of Radio


I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Older radio magazines...............
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