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 Knight Kits

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PostSubject: Knight Kits   2011-12-14, 9:11 pm

I always loved Knight kits, such as the Ocean Hopper:

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Mike Peebles
Peebles Originals
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PostSubject: knights in shining armour.   2011-12-24, 11:01 pm

I have a couple knight kit star roamers, somewhere. one is a buzzer, the other was working before shipped here, but during the trip is died an ugly death.

it seems the tune mechanism includes a shaft from the knob back into the chassis where it has a rather heavy weighted wheel attached. from there the dial cord runs up and over, but the weird thing is this: the shaft where the weighted wheel is attached has been machined down to the size of a pencil lead, i guess this is the channel where the dial cord gets wrapped. what's left is too mechanically weak to support the weight under stress, and that's what broke off and allowed the weight to bowling-ball it's way thru the chassis during its trip here. ugly way for a pretty radio to bite the dust.

onct, when i was younger, i knew everything. now, i'm old and jeswondering.
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Knight Kits
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