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 Resistors for antique radios

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PostSubject: Resistors for antique radios   February 19th 2015, 9:57 am

Fellow Antique Radio members,

I'm new to this Forum, have several old / antique radios which are in troubleshooting. 

One is a Hallicrafters SX-24 SkyRider Defiant which works but needs repair and alignment. 

Many of the resistors have the typical shifted values and need replacing.  So my Newbie question is - does anyone know of sources of the antique resistor values and in a perfect world, similar body style / markings?  The old components add interest to the unit and if possible it would be nice to keep that appearance.

If this has been asked / answered many times, please excuse the repetition.

73, Ron

2015-02-19 11:56:41
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PostSubject: Re: Resistors for antique radios   November 13th 2016, 6:18 pm

I doubt that you will ever find a source for new resistors with the body style used by the old sets. You may find someone with NOS old type resistors, and if you are very lucky, they won't have changed value.
 Per an article I read: Most of the older types absorb moisture, as the mfg. process used and the materials allowed the resistors to absorb the moisture.

If you want "Original looking" resistors, use the newer types and make a mold of the old casing. Cast the newer type in non-conducting epoxy resin, and paint to suit. Leave a note in the set you have done this for future generations. The same process works to emulate the old 100% failure rate "Bumble bee" capacitors. (There is someone that is making reproductions of these, but they are not cheap.)
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Resistors for antique radios
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