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 Stay Alive! Check Outlet Polarity.

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PostSubject: Stay Alive! Check Outlet Polarity.   February 21st 2015, 10:59 pm

A simple 6 buck 3 pin polarity tester can save your equipment and /or your life.

When setting up your work bench, be sure to test EVERY outlet in the room with a polarity tester to check for open grounds, neutrals or hot wires and make sure the polarity of the outlet is proper.

Just because it was wired by an electrician does not mean he didn't make a mistake. I've seen it.

 The TV shop I used to work at  had an outlet on my workbench that the electrician had reversed the polarity on, and it had no connection to the ground either; per NEC. I got a couple of good jolts before I whipped out my polarity tester and found the problem. (Doesn't everyone have one in their electronics tool case?).

I have seen houses mis-wired so when a signal booster was connected up to a TV set  from a different outlet, sparks flew. My polarity tester found the problem in under 15 seconds and an electrician was called in to repair the wiring. Some homeowners have no idea of outlet polarity, and when they replaced an outlet, they reversed the hot and neutral.

An electrician friend ( Now SK) was called to a house on the local Rez, and the owners had added a room. They wired the walls with coat hangers twisted together instead of proper wiring. Shocked
My friend also was in a certain "radio" parts chain had over heard the clerk telling the customer that it was "OK to wire in a new outlet with zip cord". Evil or Very Mad He waited till they were out the door and told them the clerk did not know what he was talking about. He told them to get Romex and use that.
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Stay Alive! Check Outlet Polarity.
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