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 Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags

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Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags Empty
PostSubject: Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags   Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags Icon_minitimeMarch 14th 2015, 6:18 pm

So you have an old turntable that needs a complete cleaning?
A mechanical assy?

Well use only cotton rags. NOT AUTOMOTIVE SHOP RAGS!

Why you ask? Well the standard shop rags have a solvent in them. It sticks to the electronic parts and you can never get them completely clean as long as you are using the standard old grey, red, blue or ?/ color shop rags

Use only clean cotton rags. I got a huge bundle of white shop rags many years back, as well as a bundle of the untreated new blue ones.
Tee shirts, diapers,  old PJ's, etc. work great.

Now I suspect 99% of you guys out there have old holey tee shirts that your SO would love to see you get rid of. Make her happy, and bite the bullet and get some new ones.

 Now you are sniveling, "But, But they are expensive".

Nope. Just go to your local Good Will Surplus/ Pound Store. They are .99/lb. if you buy 50 lbs. of almost anything in the store; $2.00 lb. if under 50 lbs.
 Just take the SO with you and between the 2 of you, 50 lbs. is easy to come up with. I have come out with as many as 20 tee shirts BRAND NEW!
 Now you ask, "How do I wash them and sterilize them without using bleach?" " I don't want to wear someone's old clothes --ick!".

 Well just stop at the local Dollar Store and get a few bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide. I dump 1/2 bottle per load into the washer, along with detergent and Borax(tm). Cleans them just fine, and has not caused any color fade or run problems.

As I write this, I have a pair of NEW jeans on, a NEW tee, NEW shirt, and NEW socks- ALL from the Good Will Surplus store for .99/lb.
You would be surprised at just how many new, still original store tagged items they get donated to them. ( Jillian got many BRAND NEW dresses for .99/lb. that were classy dresses, some originally priced in the originating store for up to $150.00!!!)

 They just opened a new one here and I went in today. I came out with many video cables, power cords, and even a HDMI (!) cable for about 5 bux.
(Hint: Most people are way too lazy to untangle the huge "rats nests" of cables that can be up to 2' diameter. Take the time. Where else can you get a $95.00 Monster Cable for 5 minutes of untangling and under a buck?).

 Oh , and be sure to take a couple of pair of rubber/ nitrile gloves with you to wear also. Keeps your hands clean, and who knows where the materials originally got on them. also- WASH them immediately. We had an infestation of clothes moths from some items that Jillian didn't wash right away.
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Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags   Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags Icon_minitimeMarch 23rd 2015, 9:07 am

You sound like me Frank, when it comes to cables and the like. Went to a local used clothing outlet a couple of years ago. They had an 'odds N ends' bin with a huge tangle of wall warts. Took me almost a half hour, but came home with about a dozen supplies that ranged from 12 Volt-1 to 1.5 amp rated, some 9 Volt, and 6 Volt ones rated up to 1 amp, all for 75 cents a piece. All tested good too. Great for the test bench.
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Cleaning Electronic Parts- and Cleaning Rags
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