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 The Garage Sale Pile.

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PostSubject: The Garage Sale Pile.   September 24th 2015, 3:28 pm


well i decided to do some shop cleaning and get rid of some stuff that i have collected over the years since the early 1970s. yeah i have been in one place for a long time as i think moving sucks and i hate it so the wife and myself have only owned one house. now owning only one house for so many years i have found that i have collected quite a bit of stuff that at the time i got it considered it useful and worthy of a place in my shop which is where alot of it has gotten covered up with what i thought when i collected it as again more useful stuff. so i decided to do something useful with it and go though it and if i don't need it and will not ever use it then it is going on the for sale table at the garage sale that is going to happen at my house.

alright all kinds of tools that one couldn't break enough of or my kids couldn't lose enough of that i wouldn't have enough of and wouldn't run out of. so i kept a complete set for the shop and a complete set for the house / garage. all the rest in the garage sale pile.

ok now we are to the electronics and electrical parts things i haven't seen or used for years and years. things i had scraped for parts stuff that people didn't want to pay enough to have repaired and wire OMG brand new rolls that i had never opened. all kinds of hardware and components etc. all the computers and computer hardware etc. kept what i thought i could use and the rest in the garage sale pile.

went through the garage and attic didn't find anything in the attic as i don't store anything in the attic anymore because it is all in the garage. the old shop testers for working on old cars. tach and dwell meters several timing lights vacuum gauges old break drum lining measurement tools things i have gotten over the years with the intention of using all of these things and some i did use but some were still neatly packed in the box that i bought them in. most no longer usable unless you are into old cars and i am not working or plan on restoring any old cars period. i am just to damn old. ok what i didn't keep went to the garage sale pile.

well the day was here for the neighborhood garage sale and i have got to say that i banked. i mean the people came and bought every piece i had. my neighbors came over and bought stuff from me to put into theirs or to keep for themselves. it was great if i would have known that the things that i had gotten over the years was worth what it was i would have done this along time ago. we made quite a pile of money and now are looking though the rest of our stuff in the house to get rid of what is no longer useful to us. we are keeping all of the family stuff that was passed down to us through the years as those just are just not and never will be for sale.

life is good.
the poorguy
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PostSubject: Re: The Garage Sale Pile.   October 15th 2015, 2:53 pm

Way ta go poorguy!

I'm in the middle of trying to do the same thing here.Problem is, we're moving to another province  and I haven't had time to root through what I want vs. what I think I need. And, we're moving in 3 weeks. So, I'm taking it all and will spend the winter going through it all and sell the unwanted stuff next spring. Luckily, I have lots of space in what will be the new shop area. That's something I am looking forward to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Garage Sale Pile.   October 15th 2015, 4:09 pm


it is a lot of work and it takes a lot to decide on what to keep but once i got past all of that it was a good feeling. lots more room and money to buy more stuff so i can do it all again. no i am going to try and not let things load up again. like having all of the extra space / room.
yeah if your going to move i would wait and that way you will not get rid of things that may get used or that you really wanted to keep.
me i can't part with any test equipment it is just not happening.

yeah we found some more things in the house and are going to wait and do it again it is worth it in the long run. kinda fun looking back on the old things from way back when and yesterday. although it is best to get rid of it if it is no longer needed or wanted. no sentimental value it's gone let someone else use it and enjoy it.

good luck in your new settling.
we are very comfortable where we are and won't know how to be anywhere other than where we are now as "there is no place like home". and besides i would have to buy another radio tower.

life is good.
the poorguy.
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PostSubject: Re: The Garage Sale Pile.   

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The Garage Sale Pile.
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