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 Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.

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PostSubject: Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.   October 4th 2015, 12:53 pm

so all of you who have received and installed the windows 10 upgrade.
what are your thoughts on all of the information that is being collected by microsoft to use as they want because you did after all agree to the PRIVACY INTRUSION when you accepted to install windows 10.
we all read the EULA didn't we i know i did.

in windows 10 you are suppose to be able to switch certain settings off for privacy however i noticed mine switch back on to default after certain updates are downloaded and installed.
right now i have stopped using windows 10 it is unplugged and sitting on the floor in my shop until i see where microsoft is going to go with it.
i just don't like the fact that all of my personal information can be used by another party as they know better than i what to do with it.
this has been happening enough already but now it is even worse in my opinion.

i am just curious is all and not paranoid although when one thinks about it it can tend to make one go in that direction.
i will stick with vista and linux as they are not as intrusive and another thought is watch out for those clouds.

the poorguy
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Cliff Jones
Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.   October 4th 2015, 6:48 pm

That's nothing new. I can locate your computer showing your city and street with whois, tell which server you use, and even your  OS. By tools provided by my being an administrator, I can tell when you joined, how many times you posted, your email address, 

The DSL CAN BE CONTROLLED, Remotely, by your provider, without your knowledge. If you use your computer through any service provider, you are open to any intrusion out there period.
The only way to be safe is use a typewriter. LOL

If Chinese hackers can get into Goverment computers, by bypassing stringent security controls, what Microsoft can do, is almost beyond comprehension. With or without your knowledge or permissions.

They are only complying with authorities, just to make you feel like you have control!

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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PostSubject: Re: Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.   October 5th 2015, 5:24 am

yeah i understand all of that it is just the fact that they try to make it sound as if it is for your better desktop experience as you are using the computer. anyway yeah i know the have been robbing our information for years i still don't like it and the fact that there updates can return my settings back to default. yeah i will stay with my windows vista and linux for now and i did get several installs of windows 10 even though i am not using them i still have them to use later.

one of these days i will get me another old radio and then we can talk about that. not alot of decent choices where i am at but one will come up somewhere one day soon i hope.

life is good.
the poorguy
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PostSubject: Re: Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.   

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Windows 10 Privacy Intrusion.
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