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 i am done / i am out / i am gone

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PostSubject: i am done / i am out / i am gone   October 21st 2015, 6:23 pm

hello all,

i am sitting in an empty building or almost empty as it has a door sitting on some concrete blocks that i am using as a desk for my computer. i never realized how large this building was but now that it is empty it is pretty damn large. i used to run a small electronic repair shop in here and as of last week it no longer exist. had a guy who had been coming in here for three or four months and seemed to know quite a bit about electronics and such and always mentioned how he would love to have an electronics shop as this. well i never really thought anything about it and time moved on he kept on coming back and hanging out a real good sort and we talked alot and seemed to get along and all was good. well one day when he came in he just flat out said to me that he would like to buy my shop and how much would i have to have to part with all and everything in it. i didn't have a clue as that is something that had never crossed my mind and had never even been a thought in my mind. well last friday he shows up and lays a check down in front of me and said that can be mine for everything in this building and WOW when i looked at the amount on the check i didn't know what to say. i flat out told him that i would have to think about this and give me a few days. no problem take your time and give me a call and let me know. MAN this was like a dream and can't be happening but it was. went in and talk to the wife and of course she didn't have any problem all she asked was when is he coming to get everything.

well bottom line is i have been doing this for a long long time and to be honest i was getting to think that maybe i should retire from this industry as it hasn't been the same for the last twenty years or so and you can't buy parts locally anymore you have to stoop to buying them on the internet which in my opinion sucks. but manĀ  i have a bunch of cool old test equipment things you can't go out and buy anymore. MAN this is a tough decision to make and the wife is not going to help me make it as if it were up to her it would have been gone that day. all of my test equipment is so old but it all worked. i sat in this building for a day and looked around and went through stuff and i finally decided that this is a one time chance and it will never happen again and the amount of the check is so large. THINKING AND THINKING AND THINKING i finally made my mind up and gave him a call and told him its yours come and get it and i will write you a bill of sale. man i had to do it it was just to much money and i am tired of the way the electronics industry has gone it just is no longer fun for me as i really miss the old days of radio and television. when i would get an old piece of electronics to repair it would really make me mad at the way things have gotten these days with this industry so maybe or maybe not i made the right choice and i think i did. i did call the bank and the check was good and so i went down and cashed it and deposited it in my bank. i did keep a multimeter and my new digital oscilloscope. never ever thought never that i would ever have done this and it is finally starting to sink in that this really did happen. it was time to retire i have been in this industry for my whole life and it just wasn't fun for me anymore and that is kind of sad because as a child i always wanted a tv radio repair business and i did get to have that. it is true that all good things come to an end.

to all a good day and evening.
the poorguy
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Cliff Jones
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Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: i am done / i am out / i am gone   October 22nd 2015, 4:05 pm

You can't beat a deal like that. Best Wishes, sorry you removed your membership here.Crying or Very sad

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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i am done / i am out / i am gone
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