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 Price Check on an Original 1936 Hammarlund SP-10

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PostSubject: Price Check on an Original 1936 Hammarlund SP-10   2016-03-22, 2:26 pm

My sister has had a radio in her basement for decades.  Her husband left her with nothing, except this radio quite a few years ago.  We are having major renovations done on the house, and we need to move into another house that we are renting for the summer.  We want to get rid of clutter and this radio takes up a lot of space.

I have mental health issues and am not reliable at the best of times, however, my sister left the task of selling this radio up to me.  I examined it as thoroughly as I could and did some research and discovered we have an original 1936 Hammarlund Super-Pro SP-10 crystal shortwave radio.  It hasn't been used for a long time, but the last we knew it worked because my father was a radar technician in WWII and he replaced the tubes that needed replacing and got it working.

I can tell it's the 1936 SP-10 model because of it's internal configuration, and other pictures I have seen on the internet, and it has no model number on it.  At the time that was Hammarlund's only model and it didn't receive the designation SP-10 until later when Hammarlund released subsequent Super-Pro models.

I haven't seen any SP-10's for sale on eBay, or anywhere else on the net, so I'm assuming it's somewhat rare.  Does anyone have any idea as to how much it might actually be worth?
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Price Check on an Original 1936 Hammarlund SP-10
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