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 Power cord storage

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Power cord storage Empty
PostSubject: Power cord storage   Power cord storage Icon_minitimeMay 22nd 2017, 3:27 pm

Decades ago, back in another world where TV techs actually made service calls, I carried "Cheater Cords" to work on the sets with.
   I carried a polarized and a non-polarized one that both would plug into the cord on the back of the TV set.
(Yeah, these are real Hen's teeth today).
   I quickly got tired of the cords getting tangled around each other in my tool kit. Twisted Evil

 Well, one day while" communing" with Mother Nature, I glanced at the wall. I saw the TP was getting low, and thought "Hmmm, should be some good use for those empty cores". Exclamation

 Well, the rest is history. I folded up my cords and put them in a TP tube, marking each tube as to the type of cord in it.
 Later I used them for my jumper cords, and even as molds for casting odd ball plugs. The price was right too- free.
 If a slightly heavier core is needed, try a paper towel, wax paper, or alu. foil core. 

No more tangled cords. I could have even painted them for color coding.

The best part was no more "rats nests" of cords in the tool box. This trick also works for drill & soldering gun cords, and You can tape a spare tip or drill bits to the tube for ease of finding it in the hidden depths of your tool box too. cheers
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Power cord storage
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