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 A New Item For The TV

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PostSubject: A New Item For The TV   2017-06-19, 2:51 pm

As the choices get fewer and fewer on cable, I thought I would try internet streaming.  I bought a no name device with decent reviews on Ebay and have tried it out on Youtube.  It works quite well. The downside is that it operates from a wall wart for 5VDC at 2A.  It is a cheapie weapie and I found this morning it hoses away a portion of my AM reception centering on 920 Khz.  Now to find a better filtered power supply to use with the device.  I hate it as it is trial and error.  It usually consists of hitting several thrift stores and picking likely units from the orphan basket, taking them home and giving them an audition before the Magnavox.  The quiet one then gets a connector graft.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke
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A New Item For The TV
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