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 Hewlett Packard Calculators Manuals getting worse

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Cliff Jones
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Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Hewlett Packard Calculators Manuals getting worse   March 27th 2018, 2:51 pm

I have 3 HPs.
1. Hewlett Packard 48G
2.  Hewlett Packard 33s
3.  Hewlett Packard 32Sii
My first Calculator was an HP 25, which I gave away, I used that with some fantastic Help from a co-worker whilst working in the Communications section of Shop 67 at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. He was very knowledgeable in Electronics and Physics Math. Just an ordinary guy with extraordinary expertise. He showed Me step by step How to Calibrate and adjust the SRC 20-21 Series of transceivers (200-499Mhz) and introduced me to Military Procedures and test equipment related to that.

He also showed me how HP calculators were superior to Algebraic Calculators by showing Calculation in both types.

Anyway, I digress.
So more to the point, as HP brought out calculators they included very detailed instructions, with programs that you could use for problem-solving.
They would set up a story about a predicament that Joe Blow had, and would elaborate then on a known calculation format. They would detail every button sequence start to finish. It was Great.
Later in the development of newer Calculators, less and fewer examples were given to solve problems. They started with several Books and have slowly whittled those down.

In the beginning, I had little knowledge of what each key could be used for.  After advances in design and newer models, there came so many functions that it was mind-boggling. One thing that stood out in my mind was, they always had a Key layout illustration and a Keymap in an X-Y Layout. Each key was identified by a Row # and Column #. There was no way you could memorize all Key locations so that was very Helpful.

One of the best Calculators I gave away to a college student was an HP 41, you could program it with word labels such as " unknown resistor value "
and actually, make a label like " total parallel value answer". They also had modules for engineering, statistics, I found two, one was extended Memory and another was Electrical Engineering solutions.

I found Just recently because I misplaced it that on my HP 32Sii it does not have a direct Left Parenthesis Key. What the Heck? 

You would see this on one Key above it 3 different symbols. Two were left and right Parenthesis.

 The main function of the Key had the letter E. Above it was the following a blue colored (  then an Orange word DISP and a Blue colored )
Now you would think Why two blue symbols? why not put one of the parentheses on another Key.
So I tried this by keying in the following Right arrow (blue shift Key then the E key) what came up on the display was a Right Parenthesis ) not the Left as expressed in the calculation. Wow! not right! after searching for an explanation deep inside the book under another program print out a COS is used for the left Parenthesis ( Shows. I spent over two hours trying to figure that one out.   

Manuals are fewer people friendly than in the past. Not to say that Chinese Calculators are great examples either.

TIP: So if you have a newer Calculator, Make up your own Map for finding key functions.

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Hewlett Packard Calculators Manuals getting worse
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