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 Can you handle that radio?

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Can you handle that radio? Empty
PostSubject: Can you handle that radio?   Can you handle that radio? Icon_minitimeSeptember 28th 2018, 11:53 pm

So you have a radio, tube tester, signal generator, etc. with the flat leather handle rotted off.
 So what do you do? Go online & try to find another good original handle & pay big bux for it?

Nope. Not me.  I just go to the local charity store and find a GOOD REAL leather belt that is close to the correct width & thickness I need. A couple of cuts and Viola! a custom made handle, almost or identical to the original. Nice thing is you can cut the "arrow points" on the ends , dye it, or sew 2 or more layers together to get the right thickness.

 Now if you have a saddle maker nearby, you might be able to score some cheap trimmings for a really tough leather for the handle.

The leather can be dyed by any shoemaker worth his salt too. They have a sewing machine tough enough to easily sew thru several layers of leather for the thicker handle.
 Last custom sewed one cost me $5.00, his minimum charge, and he dyed it black gratis!

 Leather does come in various thicknesses/ weights. You might like to go online and research the thickness/ weight that will match up to what you need if you order it online.

Treat the leather with a special leather preservative oil too. Remember too much Neatsfoot oil will turn it soft and soggy. There are others that work better than Neatsfoot oil.

I have found "salvaged" leather belts to be very useful for replacing on trunk handles, tool boxes, etc. also. 

Typically, a used, real, solid leather belt should run just $2-3.00, and provide you with enough material for several handles. I find the longest ones I can and as wide as I can find, as it's easy to cut down the width to what you need. Be sure your cutting tool has a very sharp blade, as it makes cutting the leather much easier.
 Look closely, as some are faux leather made from a micro thin layer of leather and glued to vinyl. Useless for handles, as they have little strength, and will crack and break pretty easy.
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Can you handle that radio?
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