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 Rules, Information, Registration

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Cliff Jones
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Rules, Information, Registration Empty
PostSubject: Rules, Information, Registration   Rules, Information, Registration Icon_minitimeNovember 17th 2011, 12:07 am

Welcome to our forum. We are happy that you have decided to join.
1st off rules are needed to make our forum run smoothly.

Here they are:
Any references that are of a commercial advertising nature will have to be asked & approved by Sending Me a PM. If the posting is done without approval then that member will be warned first.

Posting Links: If you wish to show others an article, or free publication that's OK if it's not a current advertisement (vintage radios from old publications are OK). If posting another forum article that you belong to is OK if it is infrequent. I am trying to make our forum viable, and keep our members active. if our members are drawn away, then that defeats the purpose of our forum.
Posting Pictures in the welcome section is not encouraged, rather post in the repair bench section or other general topics.
NOTE: New privilege for all Members, Postings will now be allowed elsewhere to include attachments, But will be monitored for abuse.
Pictures, PDF files will be limited up to 16megs.
Another issue If you wish to join our forum and don't get a self-verification back, look to make sure your acknowledgment to verify isn't sent to your junk mail or blocked by your provider. Also, make sure your Email spelling is correct, as I cannot do anything on my end. It is also possible because of spam coming from your provider, that you may be blacklisted by the forumotion our provider, and I have no control over that. So I would suggest if that's the case then you obtain another free Email account, from a different provider, of curs such as Yahoo, or Gmail (Google).
Once you register and become a member after  1 posting in the forum, you will be able to receive and send PMs.
If you have problems with your posting and using PMs be sure to delete all cookies, then close your browser, and restart. You may even have to close down your computer and restart.

So, if you can't log in just re-register and if you can't do that, drop me a note. affraid
The rules are basic. No Politics or Religion, and Show Respect.

No: Personal Attacks, spam, pornography or lewd innuendos, swearing or foul language, threats or attempts to derail any postings. Please do not tell other members to search, rather provide them with a link, that's encouraging them to return to our Forum.

Do not Start more than one post (thread) on the same subject, just add to your existing post.

Keep them all in the original topic or thread if you do not, I will merge them and PM.
No multiple postings in different forums of same topic matter, 
No multiple for sale postings in different forum topics. 
Posting in Auction forum to sell something on eBay or Amazon, is grounds for deleting that post, and membership ban.
 PM any of the administrators or moderators if you have questions.

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Rules, Information, Registration
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