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 Inventory Option by recording

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PostSubject: Inventory Option by recording   Inventory Option by recording Icon_minitimeJuly 15th 2012, 11:28 am

I have been recording meetings with an Attorney to solve Issues with my Family's selling my Dads home. It is a legal night mare as both of them put each half of the ownership into a separate trust.

Anyways, I have recorded each conversation and transferred it to a CD to send to my sister as she doesn't live close.
But I had set of the recorder to pick up everything and when there was silence it would increase the sound level to the point of making the background noise sound like water rushing.

My problem was that in the normal listening mode of my tiny recorder I couldn't hear that.

But after I listened to the Audacity recording it was very annoying. I could not listen to the Audacity during transfer by monitoring.

I found out I could monitor at the same time. Yea!

I purchased a Olympus Digital voice recorder VN-7200. It can hold up to over 1000 hours of recording, and you can put up to 400 sub-folders to hold those recordings. So I got it from Walmart for $30.

Then I started to think Hey I can do what I have seen done in warehouses and stores for inventory. They recorded on a voice recorder the items and the data needed. So, Hey! if they can do that then so can I. I will use it for my Test equipment, library, resistors, caps and , well you get the Idea. I will use it to either write down on paper and then enter into a spreadsheet or data base or do it directly, but I would have to be pretty fast on the keyboard though.

Any way now I can monitor and record on the computer at the same time. There fore the quality should be better as I have options on the pocket recorder for noise reduction and pausing while silence during recording, and microphone sensitivity.

Here the instructions from Audacity for monitoring, which you really have to dig for to change.

It works!!!! Now I can use it to monitor what my Tape Player is sending to the record mode in Audacity.

Monitoring the audio using play-through
The simplest way if you wish to hear what the monitored input sounds like is to go to the Audio I/O tab of Audacity Preferences, and enable Software Play through. Don't enable this option if you are recording sounds the computer is playing with the sound device's "Stereo Mix" or similar option, because this will lead to echoes or even failure of the recording.

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Inventory Option by recording
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