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 I am back!

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I am back! Empty
PostSubject: I am back!   I am back! Icon_minitimeMarch 4th 2013, 4:01 pm

Well, I finally got back from Barstow California.
I was there 6 weeks hauling military 6X6 trucks off the USMC base there for scrapping.
Very sad deal. Some of the trucks only had 2K miles on them and the company I was working for was required to cut them all up for scrap, destroy the engines, transmissions, radiators, cut the frames in half, destroy the hoods and cabs.
Sad that its our tax money all going to China as scrap.
The trucks could have been repaired and sold, keeping jobs here in the US and making good vehicles available to small companies at reasonable prices.

I arrived in Barstow with a 103 deg. temp and was sick the entire time I was there. Not to mention the drive back home. I drove my 6X6 M925 the 1100 miles down, and the 1100 miles back. Cost about a buck a mile for diesel fuel. The drive was 24 hours on the road driving. I did spend a huge 4 hours sleeping on the way back in addition to the drive time.

Finally got to my physician here and they are running tests on me for a lot of different stuff, including something called "Valley Fever"; which is one of 2 different nasty viruses there in the high desert.
Additionally I had a massive bronchitis attack, which I am still plagued with. At least breathing is much easier here at sea level instead of at 3000 ft.

I hope to be in good enuf shape to make the Puyallup Hamfair, but sadly wont be selling there this year. No tables left.( WOW --SOLD OUT OF TABLE SPACE!!!) I think thats a first in many years.

Anyway, on some meds for whatever I have, and they do seem to be helping out a bit.
At my age, anything nasty is quite worrysome.

I went to an estate sale yesterday and picked up over 100 panel meters, and a ffew other boatanchor goodies. Literally heavy enough for anchor use!
I will be offering many of the meters on here as soon as I feel like sorting thru them and cleaning the dirt off. I also got some bery nice NOS switch banks with knobs too.
I had hoped to sell off much of the stuff at the hamfair but with no tables left, thats not going to happen.

I think the next one around here is Chehalis, since they cancelled the Tacoma Hamfair this year.
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I am back!
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