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 Restuffing wax caps

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Restuffing wax caps Empty
PostSubject: Restuffing wax caps   Restuffing wax caps Icon_minitimeApril 10th 2015, 11:16 pm

Normally I don't restuff "waxies", but here are some tips if you want to.

Wear a full face shield and gloves. Wax is HOT! Shocked
Wear old clothes or coveralls too.

SAFETY NOTE: ALWAYS heat wax of any kind in a double boiler and have a fire extinguisher handy. A pan with ice water is also nice if you happen to burn yourself. HOT WAX CAN BURN YOU AND IS FLAMMABLE! BE SAFE!

This method is also suitable for some types of wax coated 'lytics also, and one can reseal the cardboard tube with hot glue also. 

There are 2 ways to do this.

 Easiest is a heat gun and pliers.
Simply heat the cap with a heat gun and pull the "guts" out.  WARNING !DANGER  WILL ROBINSON!- The wax droplets can fly! Don't ask..... Embarassed 
(Darn, it was a new pair of pants & shirt  too....)

The other is with a DOUBLE BOILER (One pan on the stove with water in it and the other pan/can inside with no direct contact with the bottom of the pan on the stove- the water does the heating with minimal fire hazard.) with a bit of bees wax in it. Heat the wax up then put the cap to restuff in the wax to heat up real good.
Then pull the "guts" out.

Take your new cap and put it in the center of the tube salvaged from the old waxie. Place a small, round piece of Styrofoam (like cut from a meat tray)
in each end of the old tube with the wire lead protruding from the foam; or you can use hot glue. (I prefer Styrofoam myself.)

 Note: New style caps have no "outside foil" indicator, so shove it in any way you want to.
Sometimes you may have to lengthen the new component lead to make the replacement cap go into the same location. Add the wire inside the tube where it does not show the solder joint.

Now you again have 2 choices;
You can dip the cap into the beeswax or take an old small 1/4"-3/8" paint brush and brush cover it. (Use an old brush, or a cheap one because you can never get the wax out of it.)

 In order to make the cap look "aged" you can put scrapings of the old beeswax off the caps into the melting pan/can and it will darken the new wax. The dirt & crud attached to the old cap wax looks pretty authentic mixed with the new wax. Old wax from Flybacks works well to darken the mix too.
 I most emphatically tell you DO NOT  use candle wax or paraffin. (I am seeing some types candle wax melt at room temps above 90 deg. F. now.! They actually melted last summer on my porch out of direct sunlight!)

Now you are almost ready to reinstall the first part.

 Before you do, take a note card and attach it to either the cabinet or the radio stating you restuffed the caps, the date, and your name. This saves some other tech the trouble of restuffing if the radio fails sometime in the future.9 And cussing you out for not noting it. Any mods should also be documented on the tag also, with schematic if possible. I have been known to make a full schematic copy and put it in the cabinet or on the bottom in a manila envelope, with notes inside. This means its handy if you need to fix it in the future, or some other tech will be grateful to you if he has to fix it.

Just take your time and do this safely. These are recommendations that have worked for me.

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for your mistakes or injuries. Use common sense and take safety precautions. I am not responsible for your stupidity.
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Restuffing wax caps
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