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 Trying somthing New

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PostSubject: Trying somthing New   Trying somthing New Icon_minitimeJanuary 31st 2011, 4:10 pm

I am writing this Using A speech recognition software program Called Tasty It's spelling is as follows; tazti .

I collect radios as a hobby .I have not repaired any radios as of yet .I am learning how to repair radios By using Radio repair books .I have a radio And computer room That is a real mess .

I have enjoyed Using radios since I was an early teen.My first radio Was a crystal radio .It was a cat(kit) that I put together, Only using a screwdriver And pliers .I have a few radios That I will start to work on When I get the time .I do work with the computer As a Tool To keep track of Schematics And Electronic books .

I am sitting here With a copy of popular electronics October, 1955 It cost 25 The topics are Turntables and tone arms Intrusion alarm Decision meter Enclose (clothes)sterilizer. In the contents The first topic is our first anniversary The second is learning electronics in residence schools, The third is electronics sterilizer .The fourth build a decision meter. The fifth floor electric intrusion alarm. The sixth feel(field) strength meter for our/CD (for R/C)The next 12(one-two) wallop. The next Multi bolted to(voltage) power supply. The next Electronics important to satellite.

Then they have an audio and high five (HIFI) section and then they have departments.
This is my first dictation, WOW it works pretty good for the first time use, I think anyway.I corrected somethings for clarification by using parentheses=() <-- I typed those parts.
I had the program open notepad then did the dictation, after I was finished, I did a copy and paste into this topic. Very Happy

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Trying somthing New
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