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 Cleaning variable capacitors the lazy way

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Cleaning variable capacitors the lazy way Empty
PostSubject: Cleaning variable capacitors the lazy way   Cleaning variable capacitors the lazy way Icon_minitimeApril 25th 2018, 8:46 pm

This post could also be titled "How to make the XYL mad." Laughing

Remove the mica trimmers from the old style BCB capacitors and run the capacitor thru the dish washer. This also works great for the APC types.
 A drop of light machine oil on the bearings and you are ready to go again.

 This method works fantastic on the old ceramic coil forms too.

 Note: When you remove the mica from the trimmer sections of the BCB capacitors, put it in a container so it won't get broken until you are ready to reassemble it.

COUNT the number of turns you had to back the trimmer screw out and mark it on a piece of paper and put it back in the box with the mica trimmer plates. That can save hours of realignment time.

Oh! Crap! You broke broke a mica piece? (Or forgot to put it in a safe container & just lost or broke it?)

      Here is an EZ fix- just use an appropriate sized mica transistor insulator. Cut it to size, and if you are really lucky, you can use the mounting hole in the mica insulator as the screw hole.
      Last I looked there were over 6 different sizes of insulating mica insulators. You should be able to find one of them that will work just fine with a little cutting.

            I was able to repair a radio that a "DIY" customer had broken the mica on the variable capacitor by using a mica xistor insulator. (No- you don't need heatsink grease on it either). Rolling Eyes 
 Now I have used an ultrasonic cleaner on them also, but the dishwasher is by far easier and does a better cleaning job. Also it has the advantage of drying the water out of the variable capacitor when the cycle is done.

Be sure to give the XYL some flowers or a box of candy for letting you using her dishwasher.
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Cleaning variable capacitors the lazy way
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