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 Grounding: Maybe too much of a good thing?

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Grounding: Maybe too much of a good thing? Empty
PostSubject: Grounding: Maybe too much of a good thing?   Grounding: Maybe too much of a good thing? Icon_minitimeApril 28th 2018, 9:21 pm

OK- so you just finished trenching in 2000 ft. of ground wire, 30 ground rods, and are ready to go. BUT: You have a ton of electrical noise in your receiver that wasn't there before.

Well- you may have too good of a ground. That's right. Too good.

Strange, But True story told to me by the Power Co. Chief Engineer a few years back:

 A local ham had mass electrical noise on his station. Really bad, so he called the power co.
 They came out and heard it. After some thought and testing, they cut his ground wire and the noise vanished!!

 Seems this chap lived on the bay and had dug about 200' of trench from his station out into the bay and filled it with old copper wire & scrap. Thereby making a "God Level" ground system.
Well, seems that this ground system was so fantastic, that the entire local power grid was grounding thru it, causing the noise. Yup, it was better than the local power co. grid grounding system.

The engineering folks immediately went and modified the electrical grid ground for that area to keep the problem from happening again.
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Grounding: Maybe too much of a good thing?
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