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 Removing Short Staples

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Removing Short Staples Empty
PostSubject: Removing Short Staples   Removing Short Staples Icon_minitimeJuly 1st 2018, 1:56 pm

This hint is for removing staples from radio cabinets, or just about anything.

 I needed to remove some T50 staples yesterday, and didn't have a screwdriver or pliers with me. (I was on top of the roof & was too lazy to climb back down to get the pliers & nail puller.).

I took a ring shank nail, one with the larger head- turned it upside down, and gently tapped the head under the staple. It came out quickly and easily. I was able to grab it with my fingers and pulled it out the rest of the way.

 So far, this trick has worked on staples up to 3/8" embedded in Fir/ Hemlock based plywood.
 With a little care, you won't scar the wood either.

 The secret is the larger head ring shank nails have a nicely tapering head on the underside, and it works well as a "wedge" to slide under the wide part of the staple and lift it up.

(BTW, I counted up the number of staples pulled this way from the used underlayment and it was 78! This method really worked great. No ripped open hands, knees, or rump this time. Smile ).
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Removing Short Staples
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