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 Home brew low PF capacitors

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PostSubject: Home brew low PF capacitors   September 21st 2018, 10:26 pm

If you need a low PF capacitor, there are 3 ways I have made them.

1. Twist 2 wires together and cut down until you get the correct PF rating.

2. Use a length of coax cable. The type of coax and pf/ft varies with the type (and sometimes the mfg.) It also varies with the percentage of shield. Mfg. specs. will give you pf/ft rating.

3. Use zip cord, speaker wire or similar twin wires and cut to length for the correct pf you need. You can cut a ft., meter, or whatever unit you want and measure the PF for the length, then cut it to size for correct pf.
Added bonus: I have seen twin wire cord used as spark gaps in TV sets too. 

This type of capacitor is great for tweaking that last little bit to get an oscillator on freq. down to a gnats hair.
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Senior Member 75+ Posts
Senior Member 75+ Posts

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PostSubject: Re: Home brew low PF capacitors   September 22nd 2018, 1:43 pm

Twist 2 wires together and cut down until you get the correct PF rating.

Known as a "gimmick capacitor"

All great methods!  Very Happy

PS; we need a "thumbs-up" emoticon
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Home brew low PF capacitors
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