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 Re-using panel meters

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Re-using panel meters Empty
PostSubject: Re-using panel meters   Re-using panel meters Icon_minitimeApril 26th 2019, 8:27 pm

Most of us have a stash of panel meters.
Lots of them have scales that are not what we need.

 Here is a tip for the old Weston 301 types and similar.:
Remove casing and then CAREFULLY remove the meter scale.
It's real easy to bend the pointer or get crud into the movement.
 Photocopy the original scale and also scan it onto your computer.

 You can rework the meter face on your paint or graphics program to what you need.
 The best part is--- Turn the meter faceplate over and glue the new scale to the back of the meter plate.

Re-attach, reassemble and you have a very nicely rescaled meter.
   You are able to return the meter to original by reversing the faceplate. (Also remove any shunts you added, etc.).

 I have also reworked the photocopies ( Before Computers- BC) to the scales I needed with Whiteout,  typewriter covering tape or white model paint.  It's easy to cover up "10" to make it a "1", and so on.

 On photocopies, if you hold it up to a bright light you can easily see the meter scale "curve" through the paper and redraw it on the back side free hand or with a drafting curve tool too.
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Re-using panel meters
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