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 who're ya listenin' to?

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PostSubject: who're ya listenin' to?   2012-01-13, 6:14 pm

i posted this on 't'other' board, but maybe it might contribute something here also...

posting infobit here beacuse lots of xtalers are dxers.
looking at lots of xtal radio info, i see lots of folks are into dxing their sets. also, there are periodic contests listing high numbers of dx contacts.

in my car, i hit the scan button and come up with a smallish number if hits by comparison, so wondering why my hi-tech rav4 radio is back seat to so many xtal radios, i asked www how many am stations ARE there in USA? fcc says about 4700!

but who are they and where?

this place has some interesting stuff. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

what i'm trying to resolve is this: if station bw is 10khz, from 540 to 1600khz,

1) how many stations would fit on my dial, and

2) is there any practical limit to how many i could catch from my location in so. fl?

i mean, saying i had the best-ever set attached to my cans...


onct, when i was younger, i knew everything. now, i'm old and jeswondering.
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PostSubject: Re: who're ya listenin' to?   2012-01-16, 11:50 am

Hey Jes,

A very high performance crystal set can and will grab just about everything that a factory built radio can USING THE SAME ANTENNA.There are around 118 "channels" on the AM broadcast band and a good radio under good conditions on a good antenna and ground will "often" hear SOMETHING (even if it's just a bit of howl or ultra weak audio) on just about every channel.

This DOESN'T mean you are going to be able to identify 118 different stations.the number of stations with "useable" audio will be far less.

Also across the dial stations SHARE frequencies, so for (fictional) example,1450 Kc may have 30 + stations on it spread out over the U.S. and Canada. You will never hear all 30, but as conditions change you might get more than one.

My best crystal sets grabbed around 120 different stations total, from the Caribbean, US and Canada. FWIW I am in an apt in Boston.

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who're ya listenin' to?
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