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 What is its purpose?

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PostSubject: What is its purpose?   2012-10-03, 2:51 pm

I've been working on an Airline 64WG-2700A. Shown on the Rider schematic, and present in the cabinet, is a "foil antenna." It is a sheet of aluminum foil about the size of the chassis, glued beneath the chassis to the cabinet shelf that supports the chassis. A short length of hookup wire is attached to it. There are no other references to it in the schematic. The schematic shows it attached to the external antenna terminal (a length of hookup wire extending from the antenna coil). Connecting my external antenna to the lead on the "foil antenna" makes no difference in reception strength. I searched in all my vast collection of literature that covers radio repair and can find no references whatsoever to this strange part. Does anyone know what the thing is and how it is to be used?

In another post I talk about a tube substitution I made in this unit.
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Cliff Jones
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PostSubject: Re: What is its purpose?   2012-10-04, 12:10 pm

Yes if you look at the schematic parts list it says it's a counterpoise antenna. That design is used for unbalance antennas, If the antenna is unbalanced, a radial system or counterpoise is necessary for operation to act as a RF ground. Because the normal purchaser has no intention of putting up a complex designed antenna system especially if the radio is used in a 2nd or 3rd story home there is usually no way to have a conventional earth ground, therefore this was used to offset some of the grounding issues. What you need to do is find if there is a ground connection that is there on the radio and try grounding the radio.

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PostSubject: Re: What is its purpose?   2012-10-04, 1:11 pm

An earth ground to the chassis (screw terminal) plus external antenna makes a slight difference in reception quality. But with loop antenna only, all reception is killed when the earth ground is attached.
Strange. Anyhow, I told the customer to forget about the "foil antenna."
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PostSubject: Re: What is its purpose?   

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What is its purpose?
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