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 Christmas Cheer

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PostSubject: Christmas Cheer   Christmas Cheer Icon_minitimeApril 26th 2014, 11:51 am

The following is a true story on what happened on one Christmas Day many years ago.

I was on the local 2M repeater, rag chewing with a friend about 20 years ago, while driving home from dinner at my parents home.

I had known the husband (Both were ham operators) had bought her a new 'fridge and a stove for Christmas.

I was asking her how she liked the appliances, and had she soldered a resistor to the stove yet.
Puzzled, she asked "Why she needed to do that?". (Now keep in mind her husband was there also listening to this conversation). I told her "Well, you must do that because it will give you an Ohm on the range".

There was this very audible "THUMP!" in the background, and she said her husband had fallen off the couch laughing so hard. There were several other hams who were laughing so hard it broke the vox on their rigs and more than a couple said that was SO bad, & they were gone. Laughing
 Yeah, I got her good. (No, her husband was not hurt, but might have spilled his drink.)
Sadly I believe both are SK's now.

All in all, it gave folks a laugh and a bit more cheer for the holiday.
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Christmas Cheer
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