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 Electric Battery testing farm and portable radios

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Cliff Jones
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PostSubject: Electric Battery testing farm and portable radios   2016-05-16, 12:38 pm

Here I will show Ten different batteries and the tests to use for useful life testing.
Use a voltmeter and, You will need the following resistors for making a test load.
Listed is a table below.

First is the new battery voltage, followed by resistance load, then the minimum throwaway voltage under load, then throwaway unloaded voltage.
1-1/2v, 5 ohms, 0.8v, 1.0v

3.0v, 10ohm, 1.6v, 2.0v

4-1/2v, 45ohm, 2.4v, 3.0v

6.0v, 120ohm, 3.2v, 4.0v

7-1/2v, 150ohm, 4.0v, 5.0v

9.0v, 180ohm, 4.8v, 6.0v

10-1/2v, 210ohm, 5.6v, 7.0v

22-1/2v, 2,500ohm, 12.0v, 15.0v

45.0v, 4,500ohm, 24.0 v, 30.0v

67-1/2v, 6,700ohm, 36.0v, 45.0v

90.0v, 9,000ohm, 48.0v, 60.0v

If you don't want to test under load then just use the minimum no load. It's best to turn the receiver on for at least 5 minutes, to stabilize battery voltage.

This was a table found in the book by Markus, Television and Radio Repairing, by McGraw Hill, listing under the fair use doctrine, for quoting copyright material.

I'm a Science Thinker, Radio Tinkerer, and all around good guy. Just ask Me!
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Electric Battery testing farm and portable radios
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